Craft and Crew Safety

At Mnishoshe, safety is paramount. We prioritize the well-being of our passengers and crew above all else. Our watercraft is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features and our crew undergoes rigorous training to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

Safety Measures

Watercraft Safety Features

  • Equipped with a Commercial Marine First Aid Kit suitable for the vessel’s size and cruise durations.
  • 14 Adult Life Preservers and 3 Child Life Preservers stored under seat cushions for easy access.
  • 2 Fire Extinguishers mounted at the front and rear, annually tested for viability.
  • US Coast Guard Mandated throwable life preservers with water-activated flashing beacons.
  • US Coast Guard Mandated flares and smoke signals for distress signaling.
  • US Coast Guard Mandated fire pails for flame extinguishing.
  • Exits on both sides of the vessel for emergency evacuation.
  • Two-way radio programmed to a distress frequency.
Crew Training

Safety Training and Certification

  • All crew members are CPR certified as per US Coast Guard mandate.
  • Crew proficiency in man-overboard-retrieval tested in front of US Coast Guard Warrant Officers.

This comprehensive approach to safety underscores our commitment to providing a secure environment for all our passengers. Let me know if you need any further adjustments.

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